Increased travel, for work as well as leisure, has rubbed the luxury stamp off of air-taxi. Instead we have found them to be an efficient work tool geared toward greater revenue.

In this uncertain time when scheduled flights are limited, we can offer solutions that fit your own schedule, travel needs and budget. Another advantage of a air-taxi is the increased efficiency when you set the timetable yourself. You’ll suffer no more time consuming security checks or check-ins, and a air-taxi can touch down on a whole host of airports where the regular alternatives simply cannot go.

A air-taxi is simply the rational choice, and the luxury is the arriving in time with no hassle.

M-Lab operates a fleet of smaller prop aircrafts. Amongst others we use the Diamond DA42-VI best twin aircraft in its class. We fly on behalf of our aircraft’s co-owners and we run air taxi for external customers, emergency services and insurance companies.